What are we doing?

Hopefully changing our community. 

At Impact, we teach Biblical truths through real world situations to bind people together in Love through Jesus Christ. Our desire is for you to experience the love God has for you, no matter where you are in your spiritual journey. 

Our deepest desire is to see a community of people impacting each others lives locally, in the State, Country, and the world through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

We want to create a place that is comfortable for anyone to come to, Christian and non Christian alike. We want to journey with you through life, grow together, learn from each other. All are welcome to Come With Us. 

For Kids

Rock of Truth

Our new Children's Minister has some fantastic things going on. A brand new, modern curriculum as well as exciting events, interactive studies, and BOUNCY CASTLES. 

Thats right, we have bouncy castles. 

Find more about her on the meet us page!

For Adults

Rock and Truth

Starting on April 27th at 11am, Impact officially begins. 

We just rebuilt our worship hall, updated our sound system, and have some amazing musicians, and a half crazy pastor.

Seriously. This is going to rock. 

7135 W 68th Ave

Arvada, CO 80003

Sunday mornings at 11:00am. 

For Everyone

Easter Indoor-Outdoor Playtime Worship and Party Loud Music and Good Food Extravaganza For All Ages!

This Easter is going to be a blast. 

6:00am is a Sunrise service

7:00 am Free brunch and coffee, with bouncy houses and more! 

10:00 am Contemporary Service (A taste of rocking things to come)

11:00 am ish Free lunch, egg hunt, games, bouncy houses, and more! 

Seriously. We're going a little overboard here.